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How much does your child know about the world? How about the countries where some of their friends may come from? I’m always searching for ways to turn my kids into global citizens and while I wish I could fly them around the world every few weeks the reality is I have to find other affordable, easy and fun ways to school them about other countries and cultures. Even if you’ve never left your hometown you can still raise culturally aware children who appreciate people from all backgrounds. Here are some great book selections and sites to teach your kids about other countries and their own cultural heritage: International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) The ICDL Foundation’s mission is to give children access to books of their culture and other cultures regardless of where they live. You can search for books by country and read them online or just collect a list of titles that you can check out at your local library. 10 Children’s Books That Teach Diversity Stuck for book ideas? Here’s a great list of fun books for all ages that help teach valuable life lessons and celebrate cultural diversity. Barefoot Books This is a great site featuring award-winning children’s books that help children explore themselves, other cultures and the planet. Their books are always beautifully illustrated with compelling stories and meaningful messages. How to Choose Multi-cultural Children’s Literature Here’s another valuable online resource featuring information on how to choose the right books for children from pre-K to 8th grade. It features advice from educators and authors and tips on what to keep in mind or look for when searching for books that celebrate diversity and challenge stereotypes. What kind of books do your kids enjoy reading? How else do you encourage your kids to explore the world? I could use some good ideas, so please share!

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